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So you are going to work on an oilrig in the middle of the sea / ocean. However, without the proper offshore safety training or re-training, you won’t even be allowed to proceed on to any offshore rig.

Since 1998, SEQU Offshore Safety in Malaysia has been offering the best in oil & gas offshore safety training experience. Yes, experience … from the moment you express interest in training with us, we provide professional and attentive service to get you through registration, training, all the way to certification.
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Safety is our top priority

You'll learn all about offshore diving, including industry regulations, dive plans, equipment selection, emergency procedures and more. You're going to love diving down deep and learning all about offshore safety!

Authentic Certificate

We are a certified offshore safety course provider, approved by OPITO, CAAM, API-U, Shell, Petronas and many more. You get the authentic certificate from us, to prove your abilities.

Experienced Instructors

Each instructor is qualified in their own field of expertise. With our unrivalled knowledge and experience, SEQU instructors are the most knowledgeable on the market.

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

All our training courses can be claimed under the HRDF. if you are a member. Kindly submit application for HRDF approval before training commences. Trainers’ CV available upon request. For more info please go to www.hrdf.com.my.

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